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When and Why to Wear Unique Bridal Shoes

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The wedding day has to be the most pressure-filled day for a woman, because it is not only the day when she unites her life with the one she loves, but also a day when she is expected to be a good host, to entertain, to be energetic and joyous throughout the day, all while wearing an oversized princess dress and high-heeled shoes. These are just a few of the reasons why a bride’s outfit is so important, and why she needs to figure out well ahead of time what kind of dress she wants and needs, what kind of hairstyle suits her and will last for hours, or what kind of shoes she can wear to be both beautiful and comfortable.

The importance of finding the right  bridal shoes

Of all these details, the shoes are usually the trickiest element to get just right, because they must first and foremost suit the dress and overall aspect, yet allow the bride to be active and comfortable troughout the day. This bares the question: can a bride wear unique bridal shoes and be comfortable? The answer is yes, of course, but it may be a bit costly and difficult to achieve. We know how important every little detail is for a bride, and how every accessory, from hairpins to shoes, has to be exactly as she wants it to.

Designer wedding shoes

Thus, the most obvious and simplest answer for unique bridal shoes is to get them from a renowned designer. The best shoe designers when it comes to bridal shoes are Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Crystal Couture (great especially for classical white bridal shoes), Chattanooga, Anne Michelle, Paradox London, Zanotti, and even high couture ones like Louboutin, Badgley Mischka, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and so on. You can eve find orthopedic bridal shoes at Dardo Shoes, but those are not quite so unique bridal shoes.

As you can see in the photos we chose for you, unique bridal shoes can take many forms and aspects, and if you’re a daring bride, even more dramatic colors. The classical bridal shoe color is white of course, but in reality you can choose from a wide variety of white nuances, such as champagne, cream, vanilla, sesame, almond, and so on, depending on the collection. What defines unique bridal shoes? This is more difficult to determine, but shoe design is quite complex. In some instances, it has to do with the heel, which can take place of the focal point, instead of the tips of the shoe.

Effective tips and suggestions

As you can observe on some of the models here, is it the highly adorned heels that actually draw attention; in this case, you should wear a dress that can reveal this detail, otherwise the effect is lost. Adding beads, pearls, gems, lace, chains and other precious items on the shoes can fit them into the category of unique bridal shoes. Shoes that are made of satin, lace, and other precious materials are also considered unique. All in all, it is up to you to find the right shoes: just make sure you try them on enough times to convince yourself you can spend all day in them without problems.