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Wedding Hairstyles Long Hair

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When it comes to hairstyle ideas, long hair is a lot more versatile than short hair. As a result, you can find countless wedding hairstyles long hair, most of which are in fact quite easy to replicate. Today, we will inspire you with some gorgeous long wedding hairstyles which can be done with minimum effort.

Voluminous side ponytail

The following hairstyle is one of the most glamorous wedding hairstyles long hair yet it only takes a couple of minuted to be done. The first thing that you need is to make your hair as voluminous as possible. In order to do this you need to blow dry your hair with a big round hairbrush. Try to dry the hair in big, wavy curls. Once you are done blow drying the hair, you must start teasing the hair at the top of the head. The final step is styling the hair in a side ponytail and using a strap of hair in order to wrap the base of the ponytail.

Side ponytail with french braid

The following hairstyle may look very sophisticated, but it is in fact very simple. This hairstyle also requires a lot of volume so you must brow dry with a round hairbrush the hair and tease it at the top. You then fix the hair in a side ponytail and you start braiding it from the base of the ponytail. The braid looks very complicated, but it is in fact a simple french braid. You star a normal braid and then you start adding hair from the beneath the ponytail to each of the two lateral sections of a normal braid.

Curly Greek style hairstyle

This curly Greek style updo is one of the most sophisticated wedding hairstyles long hair. However, as sophisticated as it may look, it is in fact very easy to do. You start by curling the hair thoroughly with the curling iron. You will need a thin curling iron in order to create countless thing curls. Once you are done curling the hair, you start taking strands of hair from the front and pin their tips at the back of the hair. If your hair is very long, you can twist the curls in order to make them curlier and shorter. You will need to use bobby pins not only on the tips of the hair strands but also in the middle in order to make sure that they will stay in the desired position. This hairstyle also requires a heavy amount of hair spray and we advise you to avoid dancing too much as this hairstyle is extremely sensitive.