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Simple yet Sophisticated Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

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The bridesmaid is a symbol of youthful femininity. She represents the maiden life that the bride is leaving behind. At a wedding, her overall look must be feminine and somewhat childish. Bridesmaids should avoid overly sophisticated hairstyles and should focus on simple girl-next-door looks. In this article, we have gathered some very easy to do wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids. These hairstyles are sophisticated enough in order to highlight the beauty of a bridesmaid, making her look effortlessly gorgeous.

Chignon with side french braids

When it comes to wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids, braids are highly popular. The hairstyle presented in the picture above is sophisticated enough in order to be worn even at a red carpet event. nevertheless, this hairstyle is very simple. You start by teasing the hair at the top of the head. Next you start french braiding two strands of hair, one on each side of the head. Once the braids reach the back of the head, you fix them with some transparent elastic. Next, you proceed with styling the messy chignon. In the picture presented above, Jessica Alba is wearing a rolled chignon. In order to do the same chignon, you must roll your hair from the tips upwards and fix it with hair pins. Make sure to tuck the tips of the braids in and hide the elastics.

Sock bun with crown braid

The sock bun is a very elegant bun which can be obtained with minimum effort. It is used in numerous wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids. It is called a sock bun due to the fact that it used to be done with a sock. Nowadays, there are special elastic sponges which have a better adherence and create a more natural looking bun. However, you can still try it out with an old sock. What you have to do is cut off the tip of a sock and roll in into a doughnut. You then style your hair into a ponytail; it can be a a low ponytail in order to obtain a low bun like in the picture featured above or it can be a high ponytail, positioned at the top of the head. Once the hair is fixed in the ponytail, you start rolling the tips of the hair upwards towards the base of the ponytail. When all the hair is fixed into a doughnut shaped bun, you fix it with some hair pins. In order to combine the low bun with the crown braid, you must do the braid before doing the bun.